Estudios Durero

Digitalización, retoque y reproducción de fotografía y obra de arte.

We are specialists in image threatment. We manage the fundamentals of analogue images and have led the way to digital images without losing the basic principles which rule our discipline. We know and control the digitizing process, treatment and calibration of images.


Due to our wide experience and our knowledge, we work with top artists and photographers, with whom we search the best quality in image reproduction and also research and try out new image developments. We work regularly with artists such as José Manuel Ballester, Cristina Iglesias, Aitor Ortiz, David Rodriguez Caballero, José Ibarrola, Mikel Díez Alaba, César Azcárate, Fede Perex, Alfonso Batalla, Ion Sobera, Dario Urzay and Mikel Alonso.

In addition, we are still experimenting with processes and materials to reproduce high quality images. Several projects have emerged from the combination of our experience with the latest technology and our knowledge of image, such as Chromaluxe Art, Didú , Estereoscópico or Tako .