Estudios Durero


3D photography from the beginning of last century

A selection of stereoscopic photographs from the beginning of last century that we have been able to recover and reproduce using digital processes. These are old images that, using special glasses, allow us to see in 3D.

This project began when we came across a private archive containing over 2000 stereoscopic plates. Our challenge was to reproduce and disseminate this archive, preserving its original value, namely the three dimensional effect. We processed the plates and once they had been digitalised and restored, we could compose and reproduce anaglyphs or, in other words, images that allow us to see in three dimensions thanks to special glasses.

This was a major achievement for the world of digital image reproduction that also brought to the fore a little-known photographer from Bilbao called Jesús de Echebarria.

After its time at Getxophoto 2013, where it became one of the most successful exhibitions, Estereoscópico arrives at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao with an exhibition of 14 images titled “ Jesús de Echebarria. A stereoscopic chronicler of the twentieth century”.

In its print edition, the Estereoscópico book includes 94 images to be viewed in 3D with special glasses included. A publication with texts by Kosme de Barañano and Konrado Mugertza.
The book, published by Estudios Durero is available at and the following points of sale:

- Museo Guggenheim Bilbao
- Elkar
- Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao